All requests must be in writing and
received within 72 hours of order

Stock Product Return Policy.

Custom Products Policy

Order Cancellation Policy
Is my item a "Stock" or "Custom" Product?

Items which are CUSTOM (a partial listing):
ANY fabric cut, printed or plain, any printing, cut-to-size, die-cut foam, magnetic or plastic, setup, sewing, assembly, light box signs, banner or flag, any artwork or mock-ups. Items sewn, colored or printed, cut, assembled, painted or customized in any manner fabricated or cut when ordered, any cutom-made letters, all other made-to-order signage are considered "custom" signs or products, and are not returnable.) Not a complete list.

Examples of return-eligible STOCK Items (within time limit):
Certain a-frame and sidewalk signs, certain banner stands, certain "stock" letter sets like flex/pvc or pronto letters, stands.
Table covers are NOT stock items.Magnetic letters are NOT stock.

You may request for a review to apply for return of CUSTOM, NON-STOCK ITEMS for partial credit, within a limited time period from date of order ONLY under conditions as stated below.
Rush or Special fulfillment




Stock items:
Return policy on non-custom products from our retail online store: Items which have been drop shipped by contract with a LetterBank subcontractor or fulfillment vendor may accrue additional costs.

Returns are accepted only with a valid Return Authorization (RA) number for items from our warehouses and fulfillment subcontractors with adequate notice when claims are made within five (5) days from receipt of merchandise. Claims five days or longer or opened items may not qualify for return or may qualify for a partial credit.

Return claim form

ALL RETURNS are subject to a 20% inspection, cleaning, re-boxing and restocking fee by the manufacturer. In some cases, an "unopened box" requirement exists. Return policy in no way circumvents the 5-day time limit from date of sale.
Returns should be insured for your protection.
Return packages received damaged will not be credited.
Customer is responsible for initial and return shipping costs.
No credit on broken case fees. Absolutely no returns accepted on custom orders, including orders with custom text, printing, cutting sewing, assembly, painting or graphics. Collect shipments are not accepted.

Shipping costs to customer and return are customer responsibility. Damaged items returned are not credited, so insure your package. Items not returned within seven (7) days are considered sold and final.

We do not accept return packages without a valid RA number, and we do not accept postage-due or C.O.D. packages at any time for any reason.

Completeness of returned product and its suitability for resale is evaluated upon receipt of merchandise. Incomplete or damaged product(s) cannot be credited. Items returned after seven (7) days are prorated for wear, and cannot be resold as new. Regarding suitability of a product: It is buyer's responsibility to do due diligence prior to purchase.

If you are unhappy with your purchase and feel the purchased item was misrepresented, contact LetterBank Customer Service immediately during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3 pm (excluding holidays) Pacific time, and we will do whatever we can to make your order correct.

Calls for returns or defects not reported within five days of receipt are subject to replacement for the same item only, prorated for wear and use. For problems not covered here, use this form. We are not liable for deadlines missed when sending replacement products.

Fabrics, blank materials and sign products are sold "as is" and are packaged and shipped in excellent condition. LetterBank makes no claims as to the suitability of any product we sell for use as a sign, or in a manner inconsistent with industry standards and practices.

Custom products are not returnable.
We cannot accept returns on custom-cut, painted, assembled, sewn, fabricated or created products (items purchased blank or custom cut, or sold "as is" or sold by the square or linear foot), as these items are not resalable by manufacturer/vendor or LetterBank.

If there is something else we may answer regarding our policy, feel free to write to us. Our address is:

LetterBank, PO Box 68, Pismo Beach CA 93448-0068


Custom Products Policy.

Custom items are not returnable. items other than "stock" as defined by LetterBank, are considered custom.
ANY fabric products, as example, are custom made from a bolt of fabric when an order is placed, and is custom made to order. All magnetic letters and Velcro banners are custom made.

We may be able to help if you have a problem with the product itself, a sign or sign components.
If the issue is with printing see here. If the issue concerns assembly or fabrication, see here. If deadline, see here.

Contact us within 24 hours to report any problems.
Read terms.
Custom products, by their nature, are products and materials which have been altered, modified, cut, amended and assembled or fabricated to your order, and are not returnable.

Imprinting: If the printing is not like the approved proof (if a proof was requested) a committee review of the project (photos and product may be required presentfor review) will compare it to the project artwork and order specifications. Products that are nominally different may fall within acceptable industry standards. A decision to send/repair or replace with a make-good print may be made, or credit relative to the value may be issued by consensus and by sole decision of LetterBank Company. At no time is LetterBank liable for any loss as a result of deadlines, schedules or additional requests made of the Company.

Assembly or fabrication: If the product is not made as ordered (eg., if the dimensions are not accurate within nominal industry tolerances, or not exact if the invoice specifically states "extra payment for exact measurements"), we will review the issue immediately for possible options, including recutting and assembly, trimming or whatever options may be available from the manufacturer. Our only obligation is to replace an incorrectly made product, exclusive of any other claims, unless otherwise specifically written into invoice at an additional charge.

Do NOT return an item without authorization, as you will not be credited (open accounts will still remain financially liable for all accrued expenses).

At no time will LetterBank or its agents become responsible to fulfill the replacement order within the customer's timetable as a result of a manufacturing, assembly, printing, production or any issue not listed herein, as described or implied. Replacement orders or remanufacturing, printing, assembly or remedy, will be performed, once deemed by LetterBank (the distributor or manufacturer) or a mediator assigned by LetterBank, the best course for all concerned, at its own course and cannot be held to a deadline imposed by any party.

We appreciate your position as many of us have found ourselves in a similar position at some time. We will do our best for you.

We may, upon review of the circumstances of your project, create a replacement product(s) once your product is authorized to be returned and a review has been made.

We cannot refund custom-made products.
We cannot accept products for return after a product has been used.
Products returned without valid RA code are not credited, and costs may continue to accrue.
Is my item or product a Custom Product?

Items which are not "stock" items (Examples of NON-STOCK items: ANY table fabric, printing, sewing, assembly, light box signs, banner or flag, cut letters or any artwork or mock-ups are not returnable.

Examples of return-eligible STOCK Items: Certain a-frame and sidewalk signs, certain banner stands and sign stands.

You may apply to return NON-STOCK ITEMS for partial credit within a limited time period from date of order. Items sewn, colored or printed, cut, assembled, painted or customized in any manner fabricated or cut when ordered, all other made-to-order signage, are considered "custom" signs / products and are not returnable.
Non-exclusive list of custom-made products: Table cloths, banners, lighted signs, readerboards, marquees, cut letter sets, custom color products, any channel letters, printed signs, cut or shaped signs, orders for any of the ss, wa or k series.

Order Cancellation Policy

Canceling stock-item orders placed in the previous 5 days (stock items only).
Cancellations for orders of stock items (an item in stock) must be received prior to our shipping a part or all of the order, else a handling and return/restock fee will accrue (See also Terms).

Canceling STOCK ITEM orders placed in the previous 5 days
Stock items may have already shipped (see restocking). Custom items may already be in the assembly, cutting and finishing process. You are liable for all costs incurred up to the point of cancellation, which may be equal to the total amount paid for an item. We will do our best to work with you and the factory involved to work out a resolution which does not penalize our company or the factory for work done in good faith. Table cloths are not considered stock items, as they are cut and assembled to order.

Custom sign / print / fabrication cancellation

Canceling any or all of a custom order (as defined by LetterBank) accrues handling, processing, contracting, art department time, if any, and, any and all materials used, and any and all production time used, at any point no less than 25% of the cost of the custom item.

"Cancel form
Specify order number and reason for cancellation request.
If you must cancel an order for a custom item, be aware that you are responsible for all costs associated with your orderup to the point of cancellation: processing, designing and contracting that are as a result of your order, and charges for which which may have already accrued, including shipping and return shipping.

Rush Order, Rush Shipping or Special Fulfillment,
Shipper Performance

Once an order is placed and shipped, non refundable charges for processing and shipping the order and return shipping charges accrue.
Once the order leaves LetterBank or its contracted agency, the order obligation is fulfilled. Any and all performance-related issues concerning physical delivery or delivery time is an issue between you and the shipping agent.

The customer placing the order is responsible for all costs incurred directly as a result of the order being placed and cancelled. This applies to all orders. Credit card charges or check payments which are refuted or upon which a stop-payment order is placed, constitute fraud, mandating legal action if necessary to recover all costs, which costs are added to the amount due, to recover costs incurred on behalf of the customer order. Cancel by this form only. Specify order number and reason for cancellation request.

Any and all shipping and handling charges related to, or as a direct result of request are not refundable.
Any and all work, accounting costs, contractual obligations and ordered and/or altered materials are due and payable.


Damaged Delivery Product?

Read carefully: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to immediately advise the delivery agent that your product is or may be damaged.
IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to indicate "item damaged" or "item not inspected" on the delivery bill of lading or signature tablet, otherwise the courier can claim the item was damaged after delivery and you cannot be reimbursed. That means you now own a non-returnable, damaged product. We don't want that to happen to you, our customer. WE WILL WORK ON YOUR BEHALF, but need your cooperation to claim damages from the carrier, without which you cannot be reimbursed.
There is no exception.

We will replace the damaged product*, but can only do so with your full cooperation. If you have discarded or damaged the original box** a charge for a suitable new container and associated expenses will accrue.

We package our products to ship safely, and all products are carefully inspected prior to shipment to assure a sound, useable product.

Advise us of the incident, so that we may create another product, or have another product created for you. If you have already disposed of the original box, the product is yours, as the shipper will not credit you or us for the item. If the item has been re-shipped or moved from the original delivery address, you own it, as the shipper will refuse to credit for their error in handling and shipping.



* We will replace the damaged product when possible.

When we replace a product, we are initiating a duplicate order with the manufacturer. If the original product (order) is not returned within a set number of days, you will be charged for that item.

**If you have discarded or damaged the original box

Take the product to have it packaged at a suitable location. If the manufacturer does not receive the returned product in good faith within usually 7 days of the date of receipt of the replacement product, they bill us for the products, and we in turn charge you, as authorized in the terms and conditions of sale when the order was placed.

Products damaged five days or greater after delivery date.
We may request to inspect the product for suitability for replacement or repair at your expense. Following sufficient time for review, we may repair or replace the product if possible.

If a replacement product is shipped prior to receipt of returned product
, your credit car
d will show a charge for a duplicate order. Once the original (damaged) item is received and has been inspected, a determination as to reparability for return, a partial credit or other allowance may be credited to your account.


Missing or incomplete order?

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact us within 24 hours of any item or items missing from your order. At no point should you contact us any later than five (5) days from receipt of order, as many manufacturers consider their obligation fulfilled if there is no notice received in writing by the five-day period.

Make a photographic record of the delivery box and the individual items within the box. Sometimes items are placed inside larger items for shipping purposes. Send us photos separately for review.



Send us a detaiiled email with the specific items that are missing.
We will need a complete inventory of what you have received in your shipment, to match against our packing list.

Thank you


Changed Mind?

Sometimes this happens. For some reason, you want to return the product ordered.

Tell us what you want to do:
To return a product along with an order for a replacement product, or to return a product only, there are different instructions (below).

To Process as Return with a new order
For a return with a new order, the customer is charged for the replacement item as a new order (with a bonus 10% re-order courtesy credit applied as a rebate) and a credit for the return is issued once the returned item has been processed and reviewed as to suitability for resale as new by manufacturer. Reorder credit cannot be for the same item. Tell us here

To Process as Return without a new order
We issue a credit for the item once the manufacturer has received and inspected the returned item(s) and has accepted it as new condition. Shipping is at the expense of the customer. Be sure to insure the shipment, otherwise a damaged shipment can not be credited. Tell us here

Returns for stock* items are subject to a 20% inspection, cleaning, repackaging and materials restocking fee as set by the manufacturer contract with LetterBank** which is an authorized distributor of this product, as stated on terms of sale.
*Stock items are as designated exclusively by LetterBank Company or an authorized representative agent. For a complete list of stock items, send a request.
** Items deemed used or damaged may not be eligible for a refund; pack all returns carefully and be sure to insure the shipment for your own protection.

Returning the product:
Shipping, insurance and tracking costs are the responsibility of the customer. Tell us here

Rush and Deadlines
The responsibility for a replacement and/or return processing is within our best possible timetable. Deadlines and Rush requests may be possible by prior arrangement with LetterBank Company.



More info
Returns and replacements. If LetterBank agrees to accept a return of the custom product, the company will reply in writing with an RMA authorization number. Return shipping by the customer must include a tracking number. The safe return of the product for consideration for credit is the responsibility of the customer.

Once the product is received and reviewed, counted or assessed for resaleability, the company will assign a credit to the original account order placer.

Should a replacement product be required, whether as a result of company or customer oversight, no credit will be made until the replacement order is received, paid for and accepted by the customer.


This is a limited collection of the rights and limitations of the company and customer.