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ts11 Chase Light shown

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NEW LED window sign special - Look below!

All-aluminum extruded frame. About 2.5-3" deep, single side only.
Exterior Lit Signs
Custom made pan-faormed lighted business signs for outdoor use. Solar-grade molded polycarbonate faces last a long time, and the bright illumination from sign box interior makes this an eye-catching, cost-effective lit sign choice. UL Listed.
channel letter signs
Channel Letters
lighted sign cans
Changeable copy marquees are economical and use printed plastic letter cards, which slide easily into the clear track. These internally illuminated signs range from $1999.00 to well over $7000, depending on size and options. Popular for schools and churches; LetterBank signs are rated 25 years for parts and manufacture.
Readerboard with arrow and stands
LED combination marquee makes changing messages easy. Special combo promo starts at $16,000.00 for a 2-sided 10 foot sign! LEDs are readable for long distances and require very little maintenance or power. UL Listed.
LED Marquees

High-tech, high-quality film transparency, thin-profile light boxes.
Thin Profile

Cold Cathode THIN
snap-open frames make our lightbox signs popular, and easy to change.
Standard and H.D.

Indoor marquees available by quote.

Lock Box

Two-sided signs
  • NEW Window LED
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All-aluminum extruded frame. About 3" deep, single side only.
Frame opens wide to accept your graphic. Small sizes only.
5-6" deep average duty lightbox, fairly economical.
Same as standard but made for outdoor use or rugged areas.
Indoor "Movie Poster" styles, some with flashing lights around edge.
Outdoor use typical for theatres and movies, allows for locking front panel.
Rectangular or other shape lighted business sign, one plastic face
Individual lighted letters with your custom business name
Typically a 2-sided, internally lit permanent outdoor sign
Like a Monument, but featuring changeable letters on tracks
Like a Marquee, but lightweight and economical for portable roadside use.
Like a Marquee, adding remote-changeable LED sign panels
NEW Home Theatre Various HOME THEATRE Marquees- the perfect size. Also for markin gentrances
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Custom made lighted cabinets (lightbox signs) are available in slim profile, standard profile, and economy steel styles. Light boxes are UL listed for safe operation, and can be made to comply for outdoor use, if needed for lighted outdoor sign boxes.  Made in USA and Canada.

 Light Box Cabinets & Signs

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There are several options for decorating the lightbox signs.
Vinyl graphics (computer-cut transluscent vinyl).
DuraTrans self-adhesive film, which we make and which applies by light adhesive, to the "face" of the sign, and
Photographic Film Transparencies, which is by far the material of choice for display professionals.
To determine the best material for your application, note that price decreases per unit for ordering in quantity.
We are glad to quote your project.

Film averages $15 per square foot or part thereof, with a minimum order of $189.00*
DuraTrans averages $13.50 per quare foot or part, with a minimum $175.00 order*
Cut Vinyl Wording or graphics averages $8.00 per word with a minimum $50.00 set-up fee, and minimum order of $99.00.
*plus taxes and shipping, from your qualifying electronic artwork.

We turn your photos or photoshop file sinto high-resolution, striking pieces, ready to display.

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