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Portable ReaderBoard Signs


Model wa612
•Sturdy enough to last for years
•Includes complete letter set!
•2-sided for coming-and-going messages
•very popular
NEW polycarbonate faces instead of wavy fiberglass
•internally lighting available- plugs in
•removable arrow tip
•set the top bar to flashing or steady. CLICK TO SEE


See details for our best price guarantee Does not include freight, tax or customs if applicable

The Portable Solutions to Everyday Marketing

model with doors

Just need parts?

  W-Series Readerboard Signs
These signs have 0.030" Acrylic letters
and polycarbonate sign faces

Click image for larger view and details.

"...your service and attention to detail is great!"
Crossroads Church

wa614 on Stands

and Polycarbonate faces
wa615 WALL mount

and polycarbonate faces
w4896-5p for POLE mount
between your poles
and polycarbonate faces
What's the difference? NEW ... All-Graphic Portable Sign


S-Series Readerboard Portables
These signs have 0.025" flex/PVC letters
and wavy v3 fiberglass faces
Click image for larger view and details.
S1 Trailer reader board, 4x8, huge arrow!
S7 Readerboard with arrow, trailer
s6x8 6 x 8 foot
blackboard $1179

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Just need parts?
"...I didn't know you guys existed last week, and now you're on my watch list! "
JM, Knoxville TN
S8 Marquee Readerboard with arrow S11 Readerboard with a headline panel
NEW s20 40 x 96"
$549 lighted
sE6 40 x 72"
from $645**

** additional for lighted option

s-wind with TWO clear hinged wind/vandal doors
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Readerboards on stands or for mounting. 3x4- our smallest 2-side board.
3 x 4 swinger
3 x 4 not lit
Left: Model mm (not lighted, 3 x 4 feet).

Right: Model af-20 (not lighted 3 x 4 feet).

What is the difference between our
Portable and Permanent marquees?

Our portable wall mount is an economical made-to-order solution when budget is an issue. We take our standard roadside readerboard sign and reinforce the back side for mounting to a wall, then add strong bracing for longer life. The fiberglas face and lighting is just like our reader board signs.

Our Permanent wall mount gets a whole sign upgrade.
•Upgrade to extruded aluminum frame from steel,
•Upgrade to powder-coated (instead of standard paint)
•Upgrade to additional internal lighting and bracing,
•Upgraded face is pan-formed for longer lasting good looks.

Prices have changed due to metal cost increases. Special arrangements have been made to hold prices down, although prices will continue to rise. Signs are custom made.
This is a good time to order.
LetterBank Readerboards,

What is the difference between
BASIC SIGN wall-mounted and
Standard Fiberglass Panel signs?

Our Standard sign has a corrugated fiberglass face with track, for economy.
Our Basic sign has a fluted polycarbonate face for longer life.

Go to the sign order page, and check the option
for a poly face upgrade.

Now you have a choice at LetterBank!

See also our professional series permanent marquees.

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